Installing OpenBSD snapshot (using a 4.6 iso)

I wanted to install the most recent version of OpenBSD in a KVM virtual machine.

Unfortunately, the only iso provided by the hosting company was the 4.6 version.

So here is how I installed the latest version of OpenBSD:

(This assumes you have access to the console and a working network connection)

  1. Configure the KVM to use ide and e1000 emulation
  2. Attach the 4.6 iso. Boot the machine and install 4.6
  3. Once the 4.6 system is running and networking is up, download the newer bsd.rd from an OpenBSD mirror.
  4. Move this file to the root of the filesystem, e.g. mv bsd.rd /bsd53.rd
  5. Shutdown the virtual machine
  6. Replace the ide and e1000 devices with their virtio counterpart
  7. Boot the virtual machine
  8. At the boot> prompt enter: boot bsd53.rd
  9. Proceed with installation of the 5.3 version using ftp or http as the media source
  10. Reboot and done